Concert Review – Worcester Chamber Music Society performs at Assumption
April 14, 2019 Worcester Telegram

WCMS masters an all-ages concert
November 6, 2017  Worcester Telegram

Female composers score in WCMS concert
February 14, 2016  Worcester Telegram

WCMS marks 10 years with powerful and wide-ranging performance
September 19, 2015  Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society explores Bach’s influence
April 13, 2015  Worcester Telegram

Child prodigies compositions are played  by polished pros in Worcester
September 21, 2014 Worcester Telegram

Music Worcester-Chamber Society performance truly is ‘Enchanted Music’
April 5, 2014  Worcester Telegram

A passionate musical statement against war
June 8, 2013 Worcester Telegram

Balance, beauty from Worcester Chamber Music Society
April 15, 2013 Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society’s “The White House and Beyond”
January 15, 2013 Arts Fuse

Worcester Chamber Musicians shine
January 14, 2013 Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society’s “Beginnings and Endings”
September 21, 2012 Arts Fuse

Worcester Chamber Music Society closes season in style
April 14, 2012 Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society delights audience
February 11, 2012 Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society up to the challenge
November 21, 2011 Worcester Telegram

Chamber Music Society unveils some rare gems
October 18, 2011 Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber starts season with bold, invigorating program
September 25, 2011 Worcester Telegram

Festival a gift for Chamber fans
July 14, 2011 Worcester Telegram

Worcester chamber group is a crowd-pleaser
April 10, 2011 Worcester Telegram

WAM series delivers music as it was meant to be heard
February 15, 2011 Worcester Telegram

Intricate Chamber concert earns standing ovation
January 10, 2011 Worcester Telegram

All-Beethoven concert enthralls
October 25, 2010 Worcester Telegram

Bravura night for Russian intricacies
September 27, 2010 Worcester Telegram

Setting lends atmosphere for Chamber season’s end
May 18, 2010 Worcester Telegram

Concertos display stylish tour de force
February 15, 2010 Worcester Telegram

Chamber Music Society delivers perfect concert
January 18, 2010 Worcester Telegram


Collaboration the key as Worcester Chamber Music Society begins 12th Season
September 2, 2017   Worcester Telegram

New Beginning
September 15, 2016   Worcester Telegram

Outreach program strikes inspiring chord
January 17, 2016   Worcester Sun

Worcester Chamber Music Society celebrates first ten years
September 18, 2015  Worcester Telegram

Worcester Chamber Music Society kicks off its ninth season
September 16, 2014 Worcester Telegram

The gift of music for at-risk youth
July 17, 2013 Worcester Magazine

Empowering youth through music
January 1, 2013 Worcester Magazine

Worcester Chamber Music Society at the Willows
June 7, 2012 Worcester Magazine

A ensemble of friends
August 23, 2010 Worcester Living

Sweet Sounds of Summer
July 21, 2010 Worcester Magazine

The Worcester Chamber Music Society
January 11, 2010 Vitality Magazine


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