Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision and Values

The Worcester Chamber Music Society’s mission is to cultivate an appreciation for classical music and build a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse community through inspiring concerts and education.

Our vision is to create enriching and inspiring musical experiences that develop a community of listeners and musicians inclusive of all ages, traditions, and cultures. Our music education programs guide youth towards personal agency, reflection, and academic excellence. With music as our vehicle, we hope to open a pathway to a more profound connection to and understanding of those around us.

Our Values:

The following values guide all our activities and interactions:

1. We are committed to the highest standards of artistry in our performances and instruction.
2. We embrace the diversity of our community and seek to reflect it in our programming.
3. We promote a culture of inclusion and gratitude to all who contribute to our success.
4. We aspire to ensure our programming is accessible for all.
5. We strive to communicate honestly, openly, and positively within our organization and with the public.