Program History


Cello Section


Neighborhood Strings began as the result of the musicians of WCMS questioning what could happen if we started a program connecting artists with at-risk youth in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester. Growing out of this question, four years ago our musicians formed a partnership with Woodland Academy in Worcester’s Main South neighborhood.


2012-13: Program begins with group lessons once a week

2013-14: Program expands to 3 times a week. Includes private lessons, small ensemble and All Play Day. “NS Club”, a teen leadership group, is introduced

2014-15: Expansion includes a week of intensive summer musical activities that helped to meet the community need for productive, high-quality summer arts activities

2015-16: Scholarship is available for Neighborhood Strings students to attend WCMS’s Summer Chamber Music Camp.
Program expansion to a second community site, Seven Hills Charter Public School, located in downtown Worcester
serving a cross-section of Worcester children.