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Two by Four

This concert is SOLD OUT. Email Jason@worcesterchambermusic.org to be placed on our waiting list. This varied musical montage divides the string quartet in two and puts it back together again!  The astounding fugue from Bach’s C major sonata is given its epic journey by two violins. The cello and viola […]

Young and Brilliant

At 16 Mozart wrote his Divertimento in D. Full of playfulness and youthful exuberance, it gives a glimpse of the treasures he would gift to the world.  Ginastera, at 18, wrote his flute quintet, “Impresiones de la Puna,” where the flute, like a dream of the Argentinian altiplano, floats and […]


Mozart’s grand Divertimento in Eb for string trio transcends its own genre.  Entertaining and charming throughout, there are moments of great virtuosity and others of touching thoughtfulness. This music is diversion enough for an entire evening, entrancing as only late Mozart can be, a special moment for all. Sunday, October […]

Joys and Sorrows

Annual Tom Keil Memorial Concert | Nora Keil Birthday Concert One of the most loved chamber works of all time, Schubert’s “Trout Quintet” is full of grace, charm, and elusively beautiful melody, it’s currents carrying a suffused joy. Then a chamber setting of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, visions of sublime beauty […]