In the words of our students……


Student Spotlight - Tabatha

Tabitha, age 14, decided to learn the cello because she looked up to Ariana, and playing the same instrument as her was really cool! She likes playing the cello because of the super low notes and is learning to pay attention to intonation so she can fix her mistakes quickly. She wants new musicians to remember to always be confident because it’s so worth it when you finish a concert.








Melanie copy

Melanie, age 15, has been with Neighborhood Strings for 5 years. She decided to learn the cello because the first time she saw Ariana playing, she was mesmerized.  She likes it because of how it sounds, and when she moves her bow, she feels like she’s creating a flow with the music. Her advice for a beginner? “Make sure you pick the instrument you love. You pour your heart and soul into it!”