2021-2022 Season News

2021-2022 Season News

Tickets on sale August 8

Season 16 Overview: Crossing Borders

After more than a year at home, WCMS takes flight for our 16th season with a series of concerts that brings together music from far-flung countries, across distant eras, and blending various genres – crossing geographic, temporal, and stylistic borders in the process.

When musicians gather, each performance is informed by the players – their relationships, knowledge, and musical interplay.  It’s the same for composers, who build on past musical ideas, collaborate with each other, and create new musical genres and experiences from what has come before.  Throughout our 16th Season, WCMS explores these ideas in four compelling Main Stage concerts.

American Voices, in September, highlights the ways in which Dvořák was influenced by American music during his extended sojourn to this country, especially the time he spent in the mid-West.  He was enthralled by the music he heard, incorporated into his own work, and challenged American composers to develop a distinctive American musical voice. Several of the composers he admired are featured alongside one of Dvořák’s American-inflected pieces.

Paris has long been a cultural mecca for fashion, art, literature, and music.  In the early 20th century, composers flocked to the city, feeding off each other’s ideas and influencing each other’s music, incorporating ideas like impressionism and jazz along the way.  The result was a fresh new musical language that can be heard in French Connections.

 Western European music from the Baroque era sparkles and shimmers for the holidays. While characterized by distinctive “sounds” (think Bach vs Vivaldi), works from this time share common embellishment and structures that demonstrate the influences these composers, both famous and less so, had on each other despite their geographical distance from one another.  Baroque in Winter glitters with ornamentation yet evokes a simpler time, much as the winter holidays do.

 Classical music from Eastern Europe is often inflected with traditional and folk elements, either as the basis for innovation and development or as a reflection of the composer’s heritage.  We’ve heard it with Bartók and Dvořák, and you’ll hear more of it with the quartet of composers we feature on Looking East.

And if that’s not enough, we have a Spotlight Concert featuring Joshua Gordon and Randall Hodgkinson; the world premiere of a chamber opera in one act by local composer and educator Matt Malsky; and an interactive family concert at the Ecotarium featuring a fruitfly!

We’re performing this season at the newly-opened Jean McDonough Arts Center in Worcester, an acoustically rich venue that seems tailor-made for WCMS concerts.  We hope to see you there!